Apr 11 • Mo Shiran

PDS1 Candidate Mo shares his experience about doing PDS1 course online and his first ever Deer Stalking outing

Meet another PDS1 candidate. Mo decided to go ahead with the PDS1 Deer Management Course and did it online. Read or watch his thoughts about the course and his first ever Deer Stalking outing.

So, Mo you decided to do the PDS1 and you did it online. How did you find it?

So first of all I spoke with you over the phone and you explained everything about the course and I thought you know, PDS1 is the right way to go in order to get my FAC license. Very easy to enrol, I think it took my 5 minutes to set up my account an I was straight on the course. The modules are very clear and well titled, which I really liked and found easy to follow. Often I was referring back to previous modules and I knew how to navigate through the modules.
The instruction of the course is very clear, easy to follow, the lessons were not too long, so I could watch one or two then have a coffee or take a break and then get back to it or follow on the next day. So the course was very good and the contents were very clear.

So tell me something, how did you get on with the final exam?

I was taking notes from every class and module, but only referred back to my notes once during the exam. The final exam questions were clear to understand  and I think I've scored 98% or 99%, there was only one question I got wrong.

You also get a Large Meet Food Hygiene certificate. Have you done that yet?

No I haven't done it yet, I am aiming to do it the next couple of weeks and I think it will be a great addition to the PDS1 and i look forward to doing it.

What's I think will be interesting today is that you now had a very successful 1st stalk and we have a Muntjac to gralloch. So we will do gralloch and inspection today together and then when you go back and sit the course hopefully it will make even more sense.

Yes, so I learn from you in person today and then you will repeat the same thing to me online :) I am sure it doen't always happen that way but I look forward to both.
Absolutely fantastic stalk today Peter, really enjoyed it thank you very much!

See Peter S Jones and Mo chatting about the course below:
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Watch our YouTube film to see how Mo puts what he has learnt into practice during a thrilling Spring stalk in a UK deer hot spot.   
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