Clay Pigeon Shooting Masterclass

Learn everything you need to know about clay pigeon shooting in one place. 
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A few more words about this Masterclass

This groundbreaking masterclass teaches you everything that you need to know about shooting English Sporting Clays and is perfect for anyone wishing to make a start in the exciting world of clay pigeon shooting. 

Delivered by renowned, top UK shooting instructor and two times ‘CPSA Course Setter of the Year’, Josh Brown, of the highly respected Barbury Shooting School, this unique and comprehensive masterclass, provides all the information that you need to get started in the world of English Sporting Clays.  
Through the masterclass you will learn:
1. Target Presentation
2. Understanding lead and applying technique
3. Applying technique to the target
4. Understanding Shotguns, choke, and ammunition
5. How to select the right equipment for you
6. How to approach different targets
7. How to approach a competition
8. Common mistakes and top tips.
9. An insight into course setting
…and much more.

This exciting and insightful masterclass provides an in-depth knowledge and insight into the exciting world of English Sporting Clays.

Don’t waste hours browsing the internet, learn everything you need to know from one of the UK’s most highly respected shooting instructors, all in one place.

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Masterclass contents

Meet the instructor

Josh Brown

For a young man, Josh Brown has no shortage of shooting accolades and is already widely recognised as one of the finest shooting instructors in the UK.

Currently working as General Manager at the highly respected Barbury Shooting School, Josh has an established reputation, both as a highly respected shot in his own right, and as two times winner of the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) ‘Course Setter of the Year’ award in 2021 & 2022.

Some of Josh’s achievements are as follow:

GB Junior FITASC Team 2016

English Open Junior FITASC Champion 201SouthwestOpen Junior Sportrap Champion 2016

4th Place Junior European FITASC Championship 2016

Runner Up overall Benelli Sp’Auto 2017

England Sporting Junior Team 2017

England FITASC Junior Team 2017

South West Sportrap Champion overall 2019

Wiltshire County Sporting Champion 2021

CPSA Course Setter of The Year 2021

CPSA Course Setter of The Year 2022

England Sporting Senior Team 2022

England FITASC Junior Team 2022

Wiltshire County Sporting Champion 2023

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If you would like to book an in- person shooting experience with Josh, contact Barbury Shooting school.
"I am new to clay shooting and I absolutelly loved this class. I have watched lots of videos on youtube but found it very usefull to have everything in one place. I'll definitely be booking a class with Josh when I am in that part of the country "


"I enrolled as soon as I got an email and I really enjoyed it! Lots of usefull tips from Josh and I'm already on my way to upgrading some of my kit. "
R. Moore
"Thank you for the early access to the class it is informative and easy to watch. Only been shooting for a year and I definatelly found it helpfull "
Linda Brackner
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