Driven Boar Shooting Masterclass

Learn from one of the best Driven Boar shots in the world.
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A few more words about Driven Boar Shooting Masterclass

In this superb, unrivalled masterclass, one of the finest driven Boar shots in the world - Frederic Hanner, acts as your own personal mentor, and over a series of classes, delivers a superb insight into crucial skills, skills such as how to determine which animal to shoot, how much lead to give, where to place your shot, which weapon systems to use and much more.
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For many hunters in the UK, traveling to the continent to shoot driven boar is highly aspirational, however, understanding the different customs and practices involved can at first, appear bewildering.
Notwithstanding, for those accustomed to shooting stationary deer in the UK, the art of shooting ground game on the move with a rifle can be completely alien.

In this fabulous and insightful masterclass, Frederic addresses these concerns and covers all of the need to know subjects. 

Topics include; culture and tradition, marksmanship techniques and how to identify the Boar that you are about to shoot. Choice of calibre, appropriate selection of optics and countless other top tips that are designed to help you understand what to expect and ensure that you are shooting better before you set off on your trip.

Hunting trips to shoot Boar are not cheap, so for anyone planning a trip to Europe to shoot driven Boar, investing a few pounds learning how to behave and shoot better is an absolute no-brainer. This masterclass by one of the worlds finest driven boar shots, will ensure that you are able to get the very best from your trip and that you will be invited back time and time again by your hosts. 

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Frederic Hanner

Having beaten on Boar shoots in Germany since the age of 10 years old, at a time when numbers of wild boar in the country were booming, and having held a German hunting license since the age of 16yrs, it would be true to say that Frederic Hanner has grown up with a rifle in his hands. Indeed, there is not much that Frederic doesn’t know about Boar shooting.

Today, as winner of the highly acclaimed ‘Wild Boar Fever Academy’ and as a major contributor to the show, Frederic is one of the finest Driven Boar shots in the world.

There’s also not much Frederic doesn’t know about rifles. His first career step was with world leaders J.P. Sauer & Sohn between 2016-2019, before he was entrusted in 2019 as CEO of Blaser Group UK, one of the most highly renowned and prestigious roles in the world of shooting.

With his unrivalled background in shooting and lead role in the shooting industry, there is no one better placed than Frederic to deliver a masterclass in driven Boar shooting.

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Course reviews



I’ve booked my first ever trip to the continent for Boar this winter, so this masterclass was
exactly what I was looking for and covered all of the elements that I needed to know
Tom Carrington
Huge thanks to Frederic, he covered everything that I wanted to know and boosted my
confidence before heading over to France later this year
Joshua Smith
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