George Digweed - Pigeon  Shooting Masterclass

George Digweed is the greatest shot the world has ever seen. This Masterclass delivered by George and hosted by 'Mr Pigeon', provides an insight to shooting bigger bags and the winning mind.
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A few more words about this Pigeon Shooting Masterclass

George Digweed is quite simply, the greatest shot the world has ever seen.

In this unique, insightful Masterclass, 31 times world champion George Digweed, hosted by top shooting guide, ‘Mr Pigeon’, provides a unique and invaluable insight into the winning mind and what it takes to achieve bigger bags in the field.

For anyone who wants to learn from one of the UK’s premier shooting guides the skills needed for putting on a days Pigeon Shooting. Or for anyone who wants to get up close and personal to the world champ', learn from George how to shoot better, his top tips and understand more about the winning mind, this is a must watch.
Winner of over 30 world titles, the first to shoot '100 straight' in a World Championship, the first to win a world title in five consecutive decades, crowned the world's best all-around shooter and widely considered to be the best shot the world has ever seen.

What happens when you combine a talent like this with one of the UK’s leading Pigeon shooting guides? The result is a world class masterclass, that provides an unparalleled level of expertise that is imparted during a series of structured classes that include:
From the UK’s Premier Pigeon Shooting guide:

Why, Where & When to shoot pigeons?
 - Safety
 - Equipment
 - Placing the decoys
 - Building hides
 - Reconnaissance and flight lines
From World Champion George Digweed:

 - George's top tips
 - Shooting method
 - Equipment (guns, cartridges, shot size, choke and other equipment)
 - George Digweed - The Winning Mind & Formula to success

Whether you are simply looking to get out in the field on your own, planning to host a day’s Wood Pigeon shooting for friends, or if you have a world champion coming, this fabulous Masterclass will tell you all you need to know about shooting & controlling perhaps the UK’s most challenging bird. 

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Meet your instructors

George Digweed MBE

Widely considered the greatest shot of all time, George Digweed MBE has won a record 31 world titles in clay-shooting competition. 

Born in 1964 in England, Digweed first began shooting as a teenager when his grandfather gave him a .410 shotgun. Soon his competitive spirit drove him to excel in competitive shooting.
In 2009, Digweed won his 16th World Championship in Texas, USA, at an event to crown the world's best all-around shooter. That same year he won the World Sporting Championship, the European Championship, the Mitsubishi World Series, the Pan African and the Italian Grand Prix.

George’s is the first ever to shoot '100 straight' in a World Championship and in April 2022, he became the first to win a world title in five consecutive decades from the 1980’s to the 2020’s, when he won the World Sporting Championship.
Most recently in July 2023 George won the world FITASC championships.
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Besides his 31 world titles (16 Sporting, 12 FITASC, and two Compak), George has also won 19 European titles (15 FITASC and four Compak), and 13 world cups.
Today George and his wife, Kate, run a commercial shoot in Kent.
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Mr. Pigeon

‘Mr Pigeon’ is the UK’s premier pigeon shooting guide. Putting on over 200-gun days a year and with countless days spent in reconnaissance, there is little that he doesn’t know about putting on a great day’s shooting.
Having first shot a pigeon at the age of 8 years old and having shot every year since for over 50 years, his attention to detail and knowledge of Wood Pigeon is without parallel.

Mr Pigeon has featured in shooting magazines including ‘The Field’, ‘The Shooting Gazette’ and ‘Field Sports Magazine’ and having himself, been recognised by ‘The Field’ as one of the UK’s top eleven game shots, there is no better shooting guide to host his friend and World Champion, George Digweed.
Would like to book a great pigeon shooting day out for yourself or with friends? Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Pigeon.
Visit his page
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