Trophy Evaluation Masterclass

In this brilliant no nonsense masterclass, Tom Douglas, teaches you how to instantly recognise quality in the field and how to evaluate and measure the various characteristics of all six of the UK’s deer species. 
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A few more words about this Trophy Evaluation Masterclass 

This masterclass is absolute gold-dust and a complete must for professional deer stalkers and recreational deer stalkers who wish to be able to evaluate the antler quality of the UK’s six species of wild deer.  

Delivered by former BASC trophy measurer and top taxidermist Tom Douglas this common-sense, no-nonsense masterclass shines a light on the role of the International Council for Game & Wildlife Conservation (CIC) and CIC UK Trophy Evaluation Board (CICUKTEB) and how they measure and evaluate trophies. 
Learn how to instantly recognise and assess quality in the field and learn to measure trophies in line with CIC rules.   
During this masterclass you will learn:
1. The relationship between trophy evaluation and conservation
2. What is the CIC and how to read a CIC Trophy Measurement Sheet
3. How to prepare a trophy for measuring & capping 
4. How to evaluate Roe deer 
5. How to evaluate Red deer 
6. How to evaluate Fallow deer 
7. How to evaluate Sika deer 
8. How to evaluate Muntjac 
9. How to evaluate Chinese Water Deer 
10. Where and how to get your Trophy measured
…and much more.
If you are a professional deer stalker, this course will provide you with some basic rules for evaluating all six deer species. If you are a recreational stalker, you’ll learn what has previously been the preserve of experts and professional stalkers from a former BASC Trophy measurer and one of the UK’s most highly respected experts. 

Course Lessons

meet your instructor

Tom Douglas

Tom Douglas also known on social media as the ‘Wiltshire redneck’, is perhaps one of the UK’s most well-respected experts in trophy evaluation. 
As an experienced deer stalker, former BASC trophy measurer, avid collector and top UK taxidermist, there are few individuals in the country that get to handle such a volume and wide range of deer antlers.
Through his work as a leading taxidermist and as a former measurer, Tom has handled and evaluated countless sets of antlers from all of the UK’s six deer species, including some of the UK’s largest trophies, ranging from England’s largest Bailey Roebuck to the UK’s largest malformed Muntjac. He has measured Red stag’s ranging from highland environments to lowland parks and perhaps more Chinese Water Deer than he cares to remember. 
Tom Douglas is a no nonsense, down to earth individual and rising star in the deer stalking world. 

Have a question to Tom? Looking for a best Taxidermist in UK? Don't hesitate to contact Tom.

Instagram: @thewiltshireredneck
Instagram: @r.sdouglasandsons_taxidermy
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